Internal activities

At our company, we aim to improve the skills of our employees through various activities besides work.


The employees write essays and share them to exchange ideas at the Mokkei meeting, which is a study group held by all employees .


We aim to improve human skills through acts of reading, writing, praising and announcing.

QC circle activity

Board members and all employees are working on QC activities as small group activities.

We will make products and provide services by conducting quality improvement and work improvement with everybody involved.

Each department will hold a qualifying session and the representative team will announce it in front of all employees at the beginning of the year.

70th Anniversary Event

In May 2017 our company celebrated its 70th anniversary.


On Saturday, June 10, all employees participated and held a celebration ceremony and memorial party for the 70th anniversary at Hotel Cadenza Hikarigaoka.

Other activities

Birthday party

We will hold a birthday party for all employees this fiscal year.


We will participate in a meeting four times a year, and we will promote exchanges among employees for birthdays, an event shared by everybody.

Ashikaga district BBQ

There are 3 factories in accordance with Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture and Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, and we call it Ashikaga district.

We regularly hold a barbecue tournament and exchanges between factories.


Participation from the headquarters (Tokyo) has been increasing every year, and there were more than 100 participants at the meeting on October 28, including the family members of the employees.

Internal newsletter

We publish internal newsletters on a regular basis.

Company history, introduction of new employees, company events, introductions of departments about family members of employees, etc. are posted.


By being aware of our company and employees, we aim to become a 100 year company.