Company overview

Foundation May 1947
Capital 100 million yen
Representative Representative Director and Chairman Yumi Akao
President and Representative Director Kiyoshi Ando
Employees Approximately 250
Business contents
  1. Manufacture and sale of rolled aluminum and aluminum alloys
  2. Manufacture and sale of aluminum and same alloy cookware
  3. Real estate leasing business
Member organization Tokyo Chamber of Commerce / Ikebukuro Labor Standards Association / Japan Aluminum Association

About the logo mark

As a symbol of the union of employees of Akao Aluminum, a "ring" expresses this with a motif of a circle.

At the same time, the ring also represents "Japanese" for not only kitchenware but also Japanese manufacturing.

The three elements surrounding the ring conform to the founder's philosophy of "follow the path, fear the heavens, respect the earth, be considerate of people".


The "path" is brown, the "heavens" is sky blue, the "earth" is green, and the inner circle is silver, the color of the material, to symbolize the aluminum business that respects the "connection between people".

History of 70 years of Akao Aluminum

In 2017, Akao Aluminum celebrated its 70th anniversary.

We will continue to aim for a 100 year anniversary as a company.