The tip for freshness is quick freezing. 

クイッキー AKAO 硬質アルミ容器

Lids are made of polyethylene and Semi-sealed


You can check the contents without opening the lid.

Heat resistant temperature is from -40 to 70

クイッキー 側面


There are holders at the bottom.


The space under the bottom is the path of cool air.


By making full use of aluminum heat conduction, you can freeze the food fresh.



6 bottm size variations.

We have 2 types for the depth ,Shallow type and Deep type.


Please choose the items according to your purpose of use.

Please check the catalogs for details.


Characteristics of Quicky

Good thermal conductivity

The heat conductivity of aluminum container is 13 times as high as that of stainless steel, and 1,300 times as high as that of PP(Tapper)


This is a characteristic of hard aluminum which is superior in transfering heat.

Outstanding freshness with quick freezing

By passing through the temperature range of -1 to -5 quickly, where the food starts to freeze, you can freeze food without ruining the taste.


When you freeze food quickly in aluminum, you can maintain its freshness because the tissue of the food is not damaged.

Quick thawing


When using thermal conductivity of aluminum, natural decompression/unthawing is also quick!


You can thaw frozen food quickly at room temperature just by taking it out of the refrigerator.


This is an energy saving container which also saves on electricity .