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Side dish line production

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Oven cuisine

(for large number of people)

Our product

Sheet pan


large   American oven pan large

Medium    American oven pan medium

Small   American oven pan small

Freezing tray

large   French oven pan large

For those who have such troubles

  • I want to make original sized oven pan.
  • I want to resolve the burning and stickiness of food on the pan.
  • I want to reduce the cost of oven sheets. 
  • The (iron · stainless steel) oven pans are heavy.
  • I want to cook more efficiently with law heat, which is difficult with iron or stainless steel pans. 
  • Peeling of the surface coating on the product or distortion of the pan are concerned.

You can put food and bake without oven sheet.

Easy to clean!


Fluorine coated to prevent stickiness of food

Easy baking and easy carrying with original sized pan